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What will you get out of this course?

EIT InnoEnergy organizes this small private online course (SPOC) to raise awareness about Learning Analytics. The goal is to give all the participants a very practical introduction to the field of Learning Analytics.

After week 1, you will:

  • be up to date on the background of the field and its application domains.
  • understand how data and predictive modeling can improve learning experiences.
  • have a high level overview of the technology involved.
  • be able to assess your institution's readiness for Learning Analytics projects.
  • understand the ethics and privacy risks involved, including the implications of GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect in May 2018).

After week 2, you will have hands-on experienced different Learning Analytics topics & applications in the Blendify platform:

  • gamification based on learning analytics
  • adaptive learning paths
  • learning analytics for course improvement
  • visualizations from a student perspective
  • privacy issues

You will have benefited from in-platform chat discussions with experts and fellow participants. You will have had the opportunity to engage directly with 2 experts during online office hours sessions.

Practical Details

  • What: 
    • 2 week online course, with new content released each work day
    • monitored in-platform chat capability to interact with the experts & other participants
    • 1 online open office session with the experts
  • When:
    • online course: Wednesday 6th of December - Tuesday 19th of December
    • online office hours: 19th of December
      • 10:00 - 11:00 CET: General expert Niall Sclater
      • 11:00 - 12:00 CET: Technology expert Nikos Verschore
  • Expected work load:
    • ​10-30 min per day
    • the content will stay online for at least 3 months & can be consumed at any time after the release
    • we advise to follow the pace of the course to make full use of the interactions with the experts
  • Who: open to everyone
  • Price: attendance is free
  • Level: introductory level, no technical background or prior knowledge is assumed

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Meet the Learning Analytics experts

Niall Sclater

The first week, the in-platform chat will be monitored by Learning Analytics expert Niall Sclater. He will also host a 1 hour open online office session at the end of the course. He is consultant and director at Sclater Digital, an educational technology consultancy, and is affiliated faculty at the University of Amsterdam. Previously he was Director of Learning and Teaching at the Open University, responsible for institutional strategy in areas such as educational technology and learning analytics. He is currently advising Jisc on its Effective Learning Analytics project and has been providing consultancy in this area to several universities. He has been involved in the research, development and management of learning and teaching in higher education since 1992, and is author of “Learning Analytics Explained”, recently published by Routledge. Niall’s blog and details of his publications are at

Nikos Verschore

Nikos Verschore is a computer science engineer, owner of software company UW Software and the brain behind the Learning Analytics capabilities of the Blendify platform that you will experience during the second week of the online course. He will tune in for the open online office hours to answer all of your technical learning analytics questions.